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We.js events

Full-featured multi events portal

Events portal

Host multiple events in one installation and every event have its own content and administrative interface

Event example image

Fully customizable

Event managers can customize everything in their events. Pages, menus, videos, speakers, sessions and more


Built in and extensible features

An image how represents one menu with links

Costumizable menu

Every event have menus and links changeable in event administration.

An image how represents a calendar schendule

Sessions and Schedule

Add session records in event administration and show in schendule widget.

Multiple content types

Event contents

Every event have: pages, videos, news, topics, speakers, sessions and more.

Widgets icon

Event widgets

Event widgets allow to add or change data in event pages with widget in place API.

Administrative interface icon

Administrative interface

Every event have its own administrative interface and managers

User registration icon

User event registration

Users can enroll to events and event managers have registration administrative pages and exporter.

Contact us icon

Contact system

Contact us system for every event, users can send messages to event managers how are send to event email.



Default HTML response is optional, make your custom Single page apps and plug in event API with angular.js, ember.js, react ...

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We.js powered!

Compatible with others We.js themes and plugins.


Screencast showing the creation of one event in We.js events example project

Full power to event managers

Administration menu example

Some Features

Use the event manager pages to register, manage and exports your event contents.

See all user registrations data and generate user certifications after event end.

Event features is only a We.js plugin and code is avaible at github ( come and help make this project better.

Some Screenshots


Generate a We.js events project

1- Install the dependencies, We.js cli and yeoman generator-wejs:


2- generate your event portal project:

yo wejs:events test

3- enter in project folder:

cd we-project-events-test

4- generate your event portal project:

npm install

5- Load default locales:

we loadLocales

6- Run!:

npm run dev


Come and help make this project better!

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Issues, reature requests and open source code, link.

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Real time chat, come and talk, link.

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Google groups

Email group, link.